What social media channel should I use?

What social media channels should I use

What social media channel should I use?

What social media channel should I use?

When I start working with a new client you can guarantee the first question I get asked is “what social media channel should I use?”  and I mean hey!  Why not ask me this, I’m a social media consultant after all.

However the answer isn’t as easy as you would think it is.  Social Media is a hard slog and to get it right takes alot of work and commitment, also blood sweat and tears in some instances. Success doesn’t happen over night and if you’re thinking that because you now have a social media strategy that the phone will start ringing is a great oversight.

So what social media channel should I use?

This is all about:

  • Testing the water
  • Seeing what social media channels get your return on investment (sales)
  • What social media channels get more engagement, likes and comments with your audience
  • What social media channels actually work for your business

It is no good posting to every single social media channel if you aren’t getting results from some of them.

So start your strategy by testing different ones, see how they perform and the outcomes you get.

Hey if something doesn’t work then why keep it.

Don’t also think that Facebook is the be all and end all, your audience and customers could be somewhere else.

Where do I go from here?

So what do you do from here and where do you go?

  • Look at all the social media channels available
  • Do your research about their target audience
  • Test our different channels for engagement
  • Evaluate your return on investment
  • Identify a unique USP (Unique Selling Point) for your business and push that
  • Have a posting strategy, not all sales
  • Have fun, be a creator

So to answer this burning question I can’t tell you which social media channels you should use for your business from the offset but I can support you, work with you to identify which ones work and put a social media strategy in place to help you manage a great social media presence via those channels.  Take a look at the services I offer then contact me via my contact page.

Let’s work together to conquer your fear of social media.

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